Forever for Oli

The Oli Hilsdon Foundation funds brain tumour research in loving memory of Oli Hilsdon, who lost his battle with Glioblastoma Multiforme – a malignant Grade IV brain tumour – in January 2019, just 10 days before his 27th birthday.

Diagnosed with a Glioblastoma aged 22, Oli was given 12 months to live. Oli fought with relentless optimism and a wicked sense of humour. He ran the London Marathon in under 4 hours raising £60,000 for brain tumour research, worked full time in a job he loved, travelled the world and got married.

Oli taught us what it is to live: to love his family, to be a loyal friend, to work hard and to celebrate all that life has to offer. The first and last at every party, he lived with a warmth that radiated out to all those he loved. He was genuine in his thoughts and actions and he lived on a grand scale, full of energy and ready for anything.

Just days before Oli died he told his family, ‘I’m so lucky, I have a wonderful life’. Oli put life and living into a context we can all learn from.

It was typical of Oli’s courageous attitude that he never once complained but there was and is no escaping the tragedy of such an immensely popular and adored young man being struck by this catastrophic disease.

Our Fight

Brain tumours kill more children and adults under 40 than any other cancer yet receive just 3% of the national spend on cancer research.

75% of those diagnosed with a Glioblastoma will not survive one year.

95% will not live beyond five years.

Glioblastoma has a final mortality rate of close to 100%.

Each and every diagnosis devastates.

Our Vision

We continue Oli’s incredible work raising awareness and funding research projects that advance our goal of extending and ultimately saving the lives of those diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, the most lethal and aggressive of brain tumours.

We are committed to creating an environment where research into brain tumours can thrive. Our Foundation is run on an entirely voluntary basis with minimal overheads. This means that almost all of the funds we receive go directly to research.

It is imperative that we bring the most pioneering scientists and researchers to the field to drive progress as quickly as possible. We strongly believe that by investing in and growing the field, whilst working collaboratively with exceptional leaders, organisations and institutions, we can accelerate discovery.

Progress can be made no other way.

Our vision is a future with a cure.

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